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and Monitoring

Security Alarms systems start as low as $300.

Ask about our 90-Day Same-as-Cash Financing

“Our security alarm system has been easy to implement the functions without complications.”
Anaheim, CA

“Security Alarm Employees are very helpful, pleasant and ready to assist with any question you may have.”
La Habra, CA

“After 2 attempted & 1 actual robbery, we found Security Alarms in Nov 1982. After 32 years, why try somebody else. We get prompt, excellent service and upgraded equipment when warranted. This service is too hard to beat!”
Santa Ana, CA

No Annual Increases in Monitoring Price | No Long Term Commitments

FREE 24/7 Service*

Our friendly technicians respond to our customer's requests within 24 hours and there is NEVER a charge for a service call.* With our top customer service, local call center, and no long term contract shows our commitment to 100% customer satisfaction. On large purchases we provide 90 days SAME AS CASH financing.

  • Wireless or wired alarms
  • Never a service charge
  • Negotiable terms
  • Multiple alarms solutions
  • Fire safety monitoring
  • Free dead alarm battery service

Surveillance cameras can be indoor or outdoor as well as hidden or unhidden, and they are designed with
 the following options:

  • Color Only
  • High/Medium/Low Resolution
  • Motion Activated
  • Infrared Night Vision
  • Mini Surveillance Cameras
  • Pinhole Cameras
  • Weatherproof Cameras

Can Security Alarms monitor my home or business for fire safety?
 Yes, our residential systems can monitor smoke detectors and our commercial systems can be linked to
 existing fire sprinkler systems so you will have one central location to monitor all of your home or business

Do I have to replace my own backup batteries for the alarm system?
 Unlike our competition, Security Alarms, Inc replaces these batteries, free of charge, within 24 to 48 hours of
 the service call. The cost of the new battery is covered within the monthly monitoring fee.

Will the installation technician hide all the wiring for the new alarm system?
 In most homes or businesses, our service technicians do the wiring in the attic space and inside the walls, that
 way there is no exposed wire that reveals the existence of your alarm equipment.

What brand of security equipment does Security Alarms, Inc install in my home?
 We proudly use Honeywell alarm systems and Ademco security systems equipment. Honeywell (which owns Ademco) is the most recognized and trusted name in safety and security systems.

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*Damaged equipment by the customer, their employees or contractors may require additional charges.