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Your protection is our business.

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Security Alarms systems start as low as $300.00.
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SAVE MONEY on your Insurance:
Most insurance companies offer a discount if you are equipped with a Security Alarm system.
Check with your insurance agent for applicable discounts.


* Damaged equipment by the customer, their employees or contractors may require additional charges.

Security Alarms FAQ's

Here at Security Alarms we always do our best to ensure that our customers are satisfied with the services we provide, and that they receive answers to any questions they may have.

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions that our current and prospective clients ask. If you have any additional questions, please complete our contact form or call us at 714-636-8555, and we will do our best to answer any and all of your concerns.

General FAQ’s:

1. We already have an alarm system, can Security Alarms monitor our existing system?
Security Alarms can monitor most brands of alarm systems. We can evaluate your existing system while we are providing you with your free quote. This will allow us an opportunity to inspect the system and evaluate the age, condition, and compatibility of the system.

2. If we purchase a new system, do we own it?
No, the equipment is leased for 3 years and automatically renews annually after that. The monthly monitoring fee covers the alarm monitoring and service.

3. Who monitors my system?
Security Alarms’ systems are monitored by a local state of the art facility, manned 24/7/365 by trained staff ready to handle your security needs.

4. How long is my equipment covered under the Security Alarms lease / monitoring agreement?
The initial period is 3 years unless your facility needs a different timeframe. The service agreement will continue as long as you continue to pay the monthly monitoring fee.

5. Who will install my new alarm system and how long will it take to install it?
Security Alarms, Inc will install almost all systems within 1 – 5 days. Special equipment may require one or two days to install. In the case of an emergency, we can usually arrange for same day installation.

6. Will my insurance company give me a discount on my homeowners’ policy because of the new alarm system?
Almost all insurance companies recognize the value of monitored security alarm system by giving their customers a discount somewhere between 5% and 20%. You will need to talk to your insurance agent to determine how much you may receive. Security Alarms will provide verification to your insurance company that you have a monitored alarm.

7. Can I activate the alarm system when I am moving around my house or office?
Your alarm system has a setting that will allow you to activate the perimeter sensors (i.e., windows and doors) while deactivating the motion detectors. This will allow you the freedom to move about your office or home while still being protected by your Security Alarms’ system.

8. I am interested in a Security Alarms, Inc security system. What do I need to do to setup an appointment?
You can click the Get a Free Quote link to request a visit from one of our security professionals or call us at 714-636-8555 and talk to our sales representative to setup your appointment.

9. What does it cost for monitoring?
Our monthly home alarm system and commercial alarm system monitoring fees are detailed on our Pricing page in this site. Please click on the following for monitoring fees. Residential Alarms | Commercial Alarms

10. Can Security Alarms monitor my home or business for fire safety?
Yes, our residential systems can monitor smoke detectors and our commercial systems can be linked to existing fire sprinkler systems so you will have one central location to monitor all of your home or business needs.

11. What brand of security equipment does Security Alarms, Inc install in my home or business?
Security Alarms, Inc proudly uses Honeywell and Ademco alarm security equipment. Honeywell (which owns Ademco) is the most recognized and trusted name in safety and security systems. We also use Amseco products.

12. Will the installation technician hide all the wiring for the new alarm system?
In most homes or businesses, our service technicians do the wiring in the attic space and inside the walls, that way there is no exposed wire that reveals the existence of your alarm equipment.

13. Does Security Alarms, Inc employ sub-contractors to install alarm systems?
No. Security Alarms, Inc only uses our own trained alarm service technicians to install and service alarm systems. Our technicians wear company uniforms and in most cases, the technician who installs your system will be your ongoing service technician.

14. How do I arrange service for my alarm system?
You can reach our office anytime (24/7/365) by calling 714-636-8555. A customer service representative will arrange for the service call, usually within 24 hours. Unlike most of our competition, your monthly monitoring fee covers all service call fees. Our customer service representative will answer all your questions.

15. Do I have to replace my own backup batteries for the alarm system?
Unlike our competition, Security Alarms, Inc replaces these batteries, free of charge, within 24 to 48 hours of the service call. The cost of the new battery is covered within the monthly monitoring fee.

16. What happens when my alarm sounds?

  • When your alarm system sounds - a signal is instantly transmitted to the central station. The central station staff will then know which area of your premises has been violated.
  • Central station verifies the alarm – Central Station staff calls your residence or office to verify if the alarm was accidentally tripped. We have your password on file so that you can identify yourself in the event of a false alarm.
  • Central station dispatches the appropriate authorities - If there is no answer at the premises or the person who answers the phone does not know the password our central station staff will then dispatch the appropriate authorities. (Police, Fire Service, or Medical).
  • Central station will call the responsible parties - After the authorities have been dispatched, we then contact people listed on your "emergency call list" until we reach the first person and inform them of the alarm. This procedure can be customized to each customer’s needs.

17. Will the alarm system work if I have pets?
Yes, but it is very important that you let your sales representative know that you have pets. They will need to know the number of pets, their size and whether they roam the home or business when the alarm system is active. Depending upon the circumstances, we will suggest alternative sensors that allow for these animals and their type of interaction with the secure area. It is also vitally important that you advise Security Alarms if you acquire a pet after a security system has been installed.

18. How long will my siren sound during an alarm?
The alarm will sound for a minimum of 4 minutes up to the legal maximum of 12 minutes.

19. How do I test my system?

Just call our central monitoring office and inform them that you are going to test the system. If you would like help with the testing, please tell the customer service representative to have a service technician call you and they will walk you through the procedures for the test and ensure that all of your components are functioning correctly. Our technician is also available for onsite testing.

20. What happens if I move?
If you move within our service area, we can relocate your system to your new home or business or install a new system. If you are moving outside our service area, contact us to disconnect your system. Please advise the new home owner or business owner of the existence of the system and ask them to call us. This will allow the incoming homeowner or business owner to take advantage of the security hardware that is ready to protect their new home or business.

21. If I already have smoke detectors in my home, why would I want to add additional ones to my alarm system?
The smoke alarms that are typically installed by construction companies are not the same quality as the smoke sensors we utilize. In addition, we monitor smoke detectors 24 hours a day, whether your alarm system is armed or not.

22. What do I do if there is a power outage?

Nothing, your system will remain functioning by utilizing the backup battery power. When your power comes back on, your alarm system will automatically recharge the backup battery so it will be ready for the next potential power outage.

23. What can a home surveillance system do for me?
Whether you just want to see who is at your front door or monitor your house from your office, Security Alarms, Inc has the equipment to handle your needs. We can setup systems to monitor the following areas:

  • Baby Monitors & Nanny Cams
  • Backyard & Pool Surveillance
  • Home Interior Child Surveillance
  • General Home Surveillance
  • Medical Alert/Elder Care Surveillance

Surveillance cameras can be indoor or outdoor as well as hidden or unhidden, and they are designed with the following options:

  • Color Only
  • High/Medium/Low Resolution
  • Motion Activated
  • Infrared Night Vision
  • Mini Surveillance Cameras
  • Pinhole Cameras
  • Weatherproof Cameras